Highlights – Surgical Skills Day 2017

On Sunday, 10th December 2017, SCRUBS hosted a Skills Day for current Bristol Medical Students. This included 4 stations each with a range of instructors, each group of students were given 1 hour to learn and then complete a specific task. The stations included:

  • an orthopaedic station where students learned how to place a dynamic hip screw on dry bones

  • a live tissue suturing station where student learned basic suturing techniques on pig trotters

  • a plastics station where students learned how to repair torn tendons on pig trotters

  • a laparoscopic station involving practice kits where there were a series of challenges which had to be completed in a given amount of time

A vascular station was also planned, where students would practice performing an arterial anastomosis. Unfortunately due to the poor weather conditions, the companyrepresentative could not deliver the necessary equipment. However, we hope to offer this workshop at one of our future events.

Fortunately, we received fantastic feedback from the participants. Having four stations instead of five allowed students to engage with each station for longer, which participants seemed to prefer. Our faculty was phenomenal; they engaged with students very well and feedback reflected this. Students thoroughly enjoyed practicing on live tissue and the competition at the laparoscopic station really gave participants an incentive to perform well in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Overall, the event was very successful and was received well. Thirty boxes of pizza and minced pies definitely helped as well!

We would like to extend our gratitude to all those who allowed this day to be such a success; Smith and Nephews who provided all the bones, drills and other equipment for the dynamic hip screws, Philippa Orchard and Richard Bamford, current regional ASiT representative who helped to organise additional laparoscopic kits and the Ruby & White Butchers for providing the pig trotters. Many thanks also to our sponsors at Medtronic, Ethicon, ASiT and Pastest.

Additionally, we would like to thank all the instructors who took time to attend our Skills Day as well as the students who showed great enthusiasm and were all keen to learn.

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