NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day

SBNS / NANSIG 7th Neurosurgery Careers Day

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If you're a medical student or Foundation doctor considering a career in Neurosurgery, you won't want to miss the 7th annual SBNS/NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day on Saturday, 27th January 2018 at the King Khalid Building in the heart of Edinburgh. 

Speakers include:

Mr Paul May (President, SBNS) - The SBNS: What's it for?
Mr Neil Kitchen (SBNS President-elect) - Training a neurosurgeon 1985 and 2015: how far have we come?
Mr Alistair Jenkins (Treasurer, SBNS) - Work-life balance: what's that?
Mr Jonathan Pesic-Smith - Being a trainee: doing the work
Mr Akbar Hussain - Being a trainee: ticking the boxes
Mr Rodney Laing - Challenges in the spine
Mr Mark Wilson - Pre-hospital management in neurosurgery
Mr Richard Ashpole - Surgical simulation and ROWENA
Mr Michael Jenkinson - Academic Neurosurgery: for those who can't cut their way out of a paper bag?
Mr Kismet Hossain-Ibrahim - Publish or perish: British Journal of Neurosurgery
Mr Daniel Fountain - ENTICE and the Academic Foundation Programme
Mr Chris Barrett - Less is more

Tickets available via the link below. We will look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh on 27th January!

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