How do I become a member?
Go on to the student union website and click the blue button which says ‘Join our group!’. You will be asked to log in using your MyBristol login. After logging in via the single sign on page, follow the instructions on the page regarding payment. A lifetime membership costs £10.

Do I have to renew my membership each year?
Renewal of membership is free. However, we request that you follow the same instructions above at the start of each year. The SU website will not charge you anything, however by ‘re-paying’ as such, this automatically transfers your data to the membership list of the following year, letting us know that you are still an active member.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Our members receive discounted prices for each event and merchandise. Members also get to sign up for certain exclusive events and are the first to be informed about events and academic opportunities. Your first payment will be your only payment; these benefits will be available to you for the rest of your life! Members are able to connect and network with one another through the Facebook group as well.

Can I become a member even though I’m not a student University of Bristol?
Unfortunately, our membership is only open to medical students at University of Bristol. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, however, send us an e-mail.

How do I sign up for events?
Sign-ups will depend on the event. Go to the Upcoming Events page, find the event you wish to attend and a link to the sign up sheet should be available on the post.

I have signed up to attend an event but can no longer make it. What do I do? 
If you are unable to attend for any reason, send us an e-mail as soon as possible. Our events tend to be popular and often, there is a waiting list for students who are keen to attend. Please let as know as early as possible if you cannot make the event to accommodate for other students.

I want to help out at events. How do I do that?
If you are keen to be part of the committee for the following year, subscribe to our mailing list or keep up to date on the Upcoming Events page for our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Often we ask students who are interested in a particular role to write a short statement on why they would like to participate and why they think they would suit the role. More details should be found on the post or e-mail sent out to you.

Do I get a certificate for attending/helping out?
Yes you do. This certificate can be placed in your CV. Make sure to complete any online feedback forms in order to receive your certificate.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?
The side bar on the right contains our contact details. Send us an e-mail, find us on facebook or twitter and we’ll be sure to get back to you!


Can I get involved with teaching?
Yes of course! We are always looking for doctors – at every level – to teach, particularly at our Suturing Workshops and Surgical Skills Day! Send us an e-mail if you are interested!

I can no longer make it to an event. Who do I contact?
Please send us an e-mail a week before the event if possible. If you e-mail us later, please recommend another person who has agreed to take your place at the event. We completely understand that there will be unavoidable circumstances which can affect your ability to attend. However, we would greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us find a replacement.

I have a few ideas that I would like to collaborate with SCRUBS on. What do I do?
Get in touch! Send us an e-mail. We are very keen to collaborate with other societies on creating events that would encourage students towards a surgical career.


We highly encourage sponsorship requests or queries to be sent to us via an e-mail at There is an existing procedure that may vary depending on the nature of each sponsorship and so an individualised correspondence would be much simpler. We aim to respond within 24 hours.